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Extended Payment Terms are a Disgrace!

Posted by Alex Fenton on 24-Aug-2016 10:28:51

Talk to any business that deals with some of the larger corporations operating today and you’ll find one major bone of contention. The time between an invoice being raised and the customer paying seems to be lengthening. This can be anything from 90 days to 120 and can cause major problems for suppliers who need available working capital to operate competitively.

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What’s the Biggest SME Killer?

Posted by Max Scully on 22-Aug-2016 13:24:40


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Meet the Team – Pauline Jackson, Chief Risk Officer

Posted by Julian Hornby on 16-Aug-2016 09:34:05

Tell us where you’ve been before and how you came across GapCap?

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FinTech Friday [05/08/16]: ThinCats, TransferWise and CapitalRise

Posted by Danni Brooks on 05-Aug-2016 14:58:25

Australia’s ThinCats teams up with DomaCom for P2P Loan Deals

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5 Easy Steps to Managing your Cashflow

Posted by Max Scully on 04-Aug-2016 14:58:25

Setting up and running a business can be a daunting prospect. One of the most important areas that owners often struggle with is keeping on top of their finances. Below are 5 easy steps to managing your business's cashflow.

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How Alternative Finance is Shaking up Small Business

Posted by Julian Hornby on 02-Aug-2016 13:20:43


Alternative financing is making great shakes in the world of business as many businesses are now looking at different ways in which they can obtain funding. Have a look at some examples here.This is not about the banks being removed from the equation but it is about businesses having different options because often banks have criteria that can be impossible for smaller businesses to meet.

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FinTech Friday [29/07/16]: Money&Co, ThinCats and UK and South Korea's agreement

Posted by Danni Brooks on 29-Jul-2016 16:12:27

Chinese investor backs Money&Co

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Invoice Finance Allows you to Sell with Confidence

Posted by Pauline Jackson on 25-Jul-2016 14:46:50

One of the challenges for modern businesses is making sure that working capital is available to help growth and ensure long term stability. For small outfits this issue is amplified, particularly in the early days when a start-up is just beginning to get a foothold in their chosen market.

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FinTech Friday [25/07/16]: Crowdcube, MasterCard/VocaLink and New FinTech Index.

Posted by Danni Brooks on 22-Jul-2016 16:30:00

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Hiring for Finance?

Posted by Max Scully on 19-Jul-2016 15:02:23

Across the UK, recruitment agencies play an integral role in attracting, selecting and appointing candidates for positions across a host of niche verticals. The latest statistics from The Recruitment & Employment Confederation confirm that the industry is vital to the UK economy, with more than 8,000 agencies operating across the nation.

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